Member Clubs

Aberystwyth Caving Club

AditNow Mining History Society

Antares Caving Club

Avon Scouts Caving Team

Axbridge Caving Group

Birmingham Students Caving Club

Black Rose Caving Club

Borwick Hall Caving Club

Bracknell & District Caving Club

Bradford Pothole Club

Brighton Explorers Club

Bristol and District Caving Club

Bristol Exploration Club

Brynmawr Caving Club

Buckfastleigh Caving Group

Burnley Caving Club

Buttered Badger Potholing Club

Cadley Hill Caving Club

Cambridge Climbing and Caving Club

Cambridge University Caving Club

Cardiff University Caving and Canyoning Club

Cave Access Limited

Cave and Crag Club

Cave Diving Group Central

Cerberus Spelaeological Society

Charterhouse Caving Company

Cheddar Caving Club

Chelsea Spelaeological Society

Chesterfield Caving Club

Cleveland Mining Heritage Society

CNCC Technical Group

Combined Services Caving Association

Condurrow Mine Group

Cornwall Mine Explorers Club

Craven Pothole Club Ltd

Crewe Climbing and Potholing Club

Croydon Caving Club

Cumbria Amenity Trust Mining History Society

Cwmbran Caving Club

Dan yr Ogof Advisory Panel

Darkside Caving & Mining Club

Derbyshire Caving Club

Derbyshire Pennine Club

Derbyshire Scout Caving Team

Derby Underground Darkspaces Exploration Society

Devon Spelaeological Society

Dudley Caving Club

Durand Group

Durham Cave and Mine Club

Durham University Speleological Association

Earby Mines Research Group

Earby Pothole Club

Education in the Environment Caving Club

Eldon Pothole Club

Elysium Underground Group

Exeter University Speleology Society

Fairy Caves Management Committee

Forest of Dean Cave Conservation and Access Group

Frome Caving Group

Gagendor Caving Club

Glasgow University Potholing Association

Gloucester Speleological Society

Gloucestershire Bat Group Underground Section

Go Below Underground Adventures Ltd

Good Luck Mine Preservation Club

Gosport Caving Club

Grampian Speleological Group

Great Orme Exploration Society Ltd

Greater London South Caving Club

Greenhow Local History Club

Greenlaws Mining Project

Gritstone Club

Grosvenor Caving Club

Gwent Caving Club

Hades Caving Club

Hagg Farm Caving Club

Hainslack Caving Club

Hampshire Scout Caving Club

Hereford Caving Club

Horseshoe Bat Group

Hungarian Caving Club London

Imperial College Caving Club

Jackpot Caving Group

JSMTW(R) Caving Club

Karst Exploration and Conservation Project

Kendal Caving Club

Kent Underground Research Group

Kent University Caving Club

Keyhole Caving Club

King Edward's School Caving Club

Lancashire Underground Group

Lancaster University Caving Club

Laxey Mines Research Group

Leicestershire Scouts Caving Unit

Lincoln Scouts Caving Club

Lindley Educational Trust

Liverpool University Potholing Club

Lost World Caving Club

Malvern Caving Club

Manchester University Speleology Club

Masson Caving Group

Mendip Caving Group

Mendip Nature Research Committee

Mining Heritage of Ireland

Moles Caving Club

Montgomeryshire Bat Group

Morley Potholing Club

Nenthead Mines Conservation Society

Newbury and District Caving Club

NFI Caving Club

Nidderdale Caving Club

North Leicestershire Caving Club

North Wales Caving Club

North York Moors Caving Club

Northern Boggarts

Northern Pennine Club

Nottingham University Caving Club

Ogoffydd Jeaunesse

Orpheus Caving Club

Over and Under Caving Club

Oxalis Company

Oxford University Caving Club

Parys Underground Group

PDMHS Underground Group

Pegasus Caving Club

Phoenix Caving Club

Plymouth Caving Group

Plymouth University Adventure & Expedition Caving

Pwll Ddu Cave Management Group

Reading University Caving Club

Red Rose Cave & Pot Hole Club

Rivendell Caving Club

Rosevale Historical Mining Society

Royal Forest of Dean Caving Club

Rubber Duck Caving Club

Shark Speleological Society

Sheffield University Speleological Society

Shepton Mallet Caving Club

Shropshire Caving and Mining Club

Shropshire Mines Trust Ltd

Shropshire Scouts Caving Team

Silence Heritage Site

Slough Mountaineering Group

Society of the Open University Potholers

South Bristol Speleological Society

South Ribble Caving Club

South Wales Caving Club

Southampton University Caving Club

South East Subterranean Club

Southsea Spelaeological Society

Speleo Rhal Caving Club

Speleo Vercors

Speleological Union of Ireland

St Just Mines Research Group

St Cuthberts Minery Reserve

Stroud Rambling Club

Surrey Scout Caving Club

Swaledale Outdoor Club

Swansea Speleo Society

Swiss Re Trogs

Technical Speleological Group

Th’Owd Skool Caving Club

Tower Wood Caving Club

Trident Caving Club

UK Mine/Cave Diving & Exploration

Underground Oveground Club

United Cavers Exploration Team

University of Bristol Spelaeological Society

University of Leeds Speleological Association

University of Newcastle Caving Club

UWFRA Outdoors Club

Vibram Mountaineering Club

Wealden Cave and Mine Society

Welsh Mines Society

Wessex Cave Club

West Lancashire Scouts Caving Team

West Sussex Cave Club

Westminster Speleological Group

White Rose Pothole Club

Wimps and Y-Anchors Caving Club

Windermere Caving Club

Wirksworth Mines Research Group

Wirral Caving Group

Yordale Mine and Cave Group

York Caving Club

York University Cave and Pothole Club

Yorkshire Ramblers' Club

Yorkshire Subterranean Society