Public Liability Insurance

The Public Liability (PL) Scheme is fully administered by BCA and is integral to BCA Membership for individuals. The fundamental purpose of the policy is to indemnify landowners over whose land cavers need permission to pass in order to visit certain sites around the UK, but it also provides for liability insurance for BCA members. The limit of indemnity is £5 million.

It's important for BCA members to understand how this scheme works. Basically, BCA purchases a single annual policy which covers all members and member organisations for all of the activitities which have been agreed between ourselves and the insurer (details are found in the policy documents). We then divide the cost of that insurance up between our members by seeking differing levels of contribution from active cavers, inactive cavers, clubs, access controlling bodies etc.

Cavers and Mine Explorers PL Insurance Scheme for Clubs and Individuals