Membership - Club Individual Member

Club Individual Membership (CIM) is only available to bonafide club members via their caving club. This is a ‘low cost’ route to BCA membership and is intended primarily to provide you with third-party public liability insurance cover. However you also make a valuable contribution to much of BCA's other work, including bolting, conservation and access.

It is necessary for the Club to be a member of BCA in order for its members to become CIMs and it is required that All members of the club must become CIMs if the club is to be covered under the insurance policy.

In order to keep administration costs and workloads at a sensible level this type of membership was conceived for a club's membership as a whole.

There is an implied contract with the clubs concerned that they and not BCA would carry out the administration of this class of membership and further that they would take responsibility for communicating all of BCA's correspondence to their CIM members on our behalf.

As a result of this it is possible to offer this class of membership at a lower rate than other membership classes.

If you do not belong to a BCA member club or require BCRA membership then you should join BCA as a Direct Individual Member.


Club Individual Members will receive the following benefits of membership:

  • Membership Card (via your club)
  • The right to attend General Meetings and vote in the House of Individuals
  • Postal Ballot Notice and Ballot Paper (if a postal ballot is required)
  • Electronic Newsletter

Subscription Rates 2018

The rate for club individual membership remains the same as last year

2018 CIM Rates Renewals & New Members … reduced pro-rata for New Members joining after …
1st April 1st July 1st October
Active Caver £17.00 £12.75 £8.50 £4.25
Non-Caver £6.00 £4.50 £3.00 £1.50
Full-Time Student / Under 18 £8.00 £6.00 £4.00 £2.00

All BCA membership periods start on 1st January or later and run for the remainder of the year. Subscriptions for new individual members are reduced pro-rata on a quarterly basis for the year of joining, depending on when you join. See the table above for more details.

Join or Renew

As CIM membership can only be arranged through your Caving Club, please contact your own Club's Membership Secretary for more information.