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Posted 16/03/2017

16/03/2017 Revalidation Workshops - Name Change

Technically these are not revalidations as it is award holder's responsibility to maintain a current and valid logbook and ensure they are operating at the required standard for their work. The workshops cannot contain any element of assessment due to time and ratio restraints. As from 01/04/2017 these will be renamed Update Workshops as they aim to update award holder's in a range of areas through the provider and through networking with the others present. Any areas of concern noticed by the T/A running the workshop will be noted on the S4B report with a recommended action plan to remedy, and it becomes the award holder’s responsibility to address these.

It will take some time to update all documents etc to reflect the name change and to consolidate it within the general LCMLA/CIC jargon commonly in use.

Posted 06/12/2016 New Charges From 01/01/2017

Please see the new charges for the LCMLA and CIC Schemes which come into force from 01/01/2017. We have managed to keep the charges static for some years now but are having to put them up in order to cover increased costs. Qualifications Management Committee.

LCMLA Registration £65.00
Combined LCMLA & CIC Registration £85.00
CIC up-grade from LCMLA Scheme £25.00
LCMLA Revalidation Workshop Fee£80.00
LCMLA Core Skills Reassessment£200.00
CIC Revalidation Workshop£80.00
CIC Modules Exemption Application£30.00
LCMLA Training Exemption Fee£40.00
LCMLA Combine Modules 2 & 4 Fee£50.00
LCMLA Additional Cave and/or Mine Sites£25.00
New Logbook£15.00
Re-issue of report pages£15.00
New Logbook and report pages£20.00
Replacement Section 5 £20.00

Posted 22/04/2016

LCMLA Revalidation Workshops. |

As from 01/07/2016, if you have caves and or mines on your certificate or wish to add new ones from an area other than that in which you are going to revalidate, you must contact a Trainer Assessor from that area to agree that those sites may be on your new certificate after revalidation. The revalidation workshop leader will ask to see evidence that this has been done – such as an email. Contact details for all Trainer Assessors can be found here lcmla_ta