News; May 2017

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News; May 2017

Post by David Gibson » Tue 02 May 2017 15:27

In this newsletter...
  • Cave & Karst Science 44(1) published
  • CREG journal 97 published
  • BCRA Field Meeting, May 19-21
  • CREG Field Meeting, May 19-21
  • BCRA Cave Science Symposium, 21 Oct
  • Hidden Earth 29 Sept to 1 Oct
  • Calling all past BCRA Authors
Cave & Karst Science 44(1) published
C&KS volume 44(1) is now in-press and will be mailed later this week. The online version will also be ready sometime this week. This issue contains reports of the dye-tracing experiments at Malham cove, which were carried out on a BCRA field meeting last year, as well as obituaries of Trevor Ford and Bob Picknett. C&KS is a free download - you do not have to be a BCRA member to access it online.

If you have not yet renewed your membership, there will be a reminder printed on your envelope. This is likely to be your only reminder, and if you do not renew, it will be your last issue. Non-member subscribers should note that your invoices for volume 44 will be mailed "soon". Apologies for the short delay in publication, which was caused by some essential last-minute editorial alterations.

CREG journal 97 published
I think I forgot to announce it at the time, but CREG journal 97 was published in March. I can now announce that (with thanks to Rob Gill for the last of the scanning) all CREG back-issues are now available online. If you are a BCRA member they are free downloads, otherwise there's a small charge of GBP 4.00 for an annual login ID. This is a huge wealth of information and - although it has not been officially released yet - there is a search engine for the content at

If things go to schedule, BCRA's Cave Radio and Electronics Group will be publishing its 100th journal at the end of this year. Considering that this is a specialised group, with a small readership, it is astonishing (and I say that as one of its long-term "activists") that it has lasted so long. If anyone has any suggestions for any modest way that we could mark the 100th issue - or if you just want to send a telegram - please contact Rob Gill,

BCRA Field Meeting, May 19-21
The first British Cave Research Association field meeting for 2017 will be held at Port Eynon on the Gower Peninsula, South Wales. The meeting aims to provide a full weekend of walks, caves and talks about the geology, geomorphology, archaeology and speleogenesis of the caves of Gower. For further information, please visit or contact Koastas Trimmis,

CREG Field Meeting, May 19-21
Unfortunately, there are a limited number of weekends in the year, and so there is an unavoidable clash of dates between this and the above field meeting. CREG will be in the Mendips, staying at the Wessex Cave Club. For further information, please visit or contact Rob Gill,

Hidden Earth 29 Sept to 1 Oct
After taking a break in 2016 for Eurospeleo, Hidden Earth - the UK's annual caving conference - will be back at the end of September at Churchill Academy, in the Mendips. (That's a week later than usual - again, for unavoidable reasons). For further information please see later in the spring.

BCRA Cave Science Symposium, 21 Oct
The British Cave Research Association, Yorkshire Geological Society, and Leeds Geological Association are pleased to announce BCRA's 28th Annual Cave Science Symposium and associated field-trip. The Symposium will be hosted by Prof. Simon Bottrelll and Dr. Phillip Murphy of the School of Earth and Environment, University of Leeds, on Saturday 21st October, 2017.

This year’s symposium will feature a special session and keynote lecture by Dr. Tony Waltham dedicated to the Caves and Karst of the Yorkshire Dales. In addition, the symposium will include oral and poster presentations covering BCRA’s principal areas of interest in other localities. Following the symposium, an informal evening meal will be arranged for those who are interested.

For further information, please visit or contact Gina Moseley,

Calling all past BCRA Authors
BCRA finds that it has surplus stocks of some of its earlier issues of Caves and Caving, Speleology and Cave and Karst Science. Authors of articles contained in these publications may wish to have some of these stocks, for their own personal use. Not all issues are in surplus, but if you would like to have spare copies, please see the December News item on the BCRA News Forum,

David Gibson, BCRA Secretary