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Information about BCRA's Mailman mailing lists

Posted: Mon 28 May 2018 15:34
by David Gibson
Information about BCRA's Mailman mailing lists
  • For List information follow the link at the foot of each message, or visit
  • You can subscribe and unsubscribe yourself, or you can, of course, email the list administrator with a request.
Information on how your personal data is stored and used

Mailman (that is, the GNU Mailing List Manager, is free software that has been installed on the BCA Web Server, which is where BCRA's web pages reside. Some of the lists on this server are "private", meaning that a subscription is only available by invitation; others are "public", meaning that anyone (not only BCA/BCRA members) can subscribe. Each of the Mailman lists on this server has been configured so that...

a) only the List Administrator(s) can view a list of subscribers' addresses; and
b) the List Archives are only accessible to subscribers.

Your Mailman subscription data, (i.e. your email address and possibly your name, if you gave it when subscribing), is stored within the Mailman app. It will not be used for any purpose outside the app. and will not be disclosed to any third party. In particular, please note that the Mailman subscriber lists are completely separate to the membership databases of BCA and BCRA. No information is exchanged between the two systems.

A side-effect of the above is that if you cease to be a member of BCRA that WILL NOT AFFECT your subscription to any of the public Mailman lists (which are open to non-members anyway). Should you wish to unsubscribe from a Mailman list on this server you will need to take a specific action to achieve that; i.e. visit the 'unsubscribe' page or contact the list administrator.