Appointments, Changes to Council, Election for 2010

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Appointments, Changes to Council, Election for 2010

Post by David Gibson » Sat 15 Aug 2009 18:23

Sadly, although it is now some time since I resigned as newsletter editor I still cannot persuade any BCRA Council member to post news to this forum. You can read a couple of recent newssheets, produced by me, at

Due to the workload required in the library, BCRA Council has now appointed a part-time paid Assistant Librarian – Mary Wilde. For an organisation that is ostensibly run by volunteers this appointment now brings to six the number of posts that are remunerated by BCA / BCRA. This reflects the situation that, even in such as small organisation, volunteers with sufficient free time to take on the challenging tasks are difficult to find. That said, Mandy Fu has offered to take on the volunteer’s post of Publications Sales Officer following the retirement of Ernie Shield. Publications orders should continue to be addressed to the Great Hucklow office. An order form is available on our web site; just follow the links at or go direct to

There are three vacancies on BCRA Council. Nominations must be received by 30 Sept.

Changes to BCRA Council
As you can read in the current issue of Speleology (due out by end of August), there have been some recent changes to the BCRA trustees. Ursula Collie has had to resign as secretary due to ill-health and Trevor Faulkner has agreed to stand in until a replacement can be found. Steve Whitlock has had to resign as chairman due to pressure of work and Council has appointed David Checkley to stand in, at least until the election of officers this autumn. David Checkley has resigned his post as President and Council has appointed his replacement to be Prof. John Gunn. In addition, Council member Jenny Potts has taken on the role of chairing the library steering group, and of liasing with BCA on matters to do with the national caving library.

Election of Council Members
Constitutionally, all Council members other than the President resign annually, but may be nominated for re-election. Nominations for members of Council for 2010 – including the recently vacated posts of chairman and secretary, which Council has filled pro tempore – must be received by the secretary by 30 September. Please see the AGM agenda notice at for further information. Following last year’s changes to the constitution, which reduced the size of Council, there are three vacancies; members of Council currently being ...
  • John Gunn, President
    David Checkley, Chairman
    Julian Griffiths, Treasurer
    Trevor Faulkner, Secretary
    David Judson (Cave Studies Editor)
    Jenny Potts (Library Group)
    Allan Richardson (Foreign Secretary)