Equipment and Techniques - Care & Maintenance

Care and Maintainace of equipment is very much the responsibility of the individual who purchases and uses the equipment, and lot of useful information on how to look after equipment is supplied by manufacturers.

This web page will not attempt to re-write those instructions, but where possible to point users to the manufacturers' on line resources.

Please click on the links below

The Petzl video guide is best used with a broadband connection

Petzl Video guides to equipment FIXME

Petzl Harnesses PDF document FIXME

Petzl Stop PDF document FIXME

Petzl Ascenders PDF document FIXME

Petzl Karabiners PDF document FIXME

Petzl Pulleys PDF document FIXME

Petzl Helmets PDF document FIXME

Easy inspect for Windows or Mac, is a free download from Petzl, that allows Clubs, Organisations and individuals to log equipment history and inspections. Note all the files need to be fully extracted, before it will run.(Click on the link below)

Easy Inspect from Petzl FIXME