BCA Party Weekend 2017

BCA Party 2017 The 2017 Annual General Meeting of the British Caving Association will once again take place as part of a weekend of activities. This year's event will be held in Derbyshire over the weekend of 10/11 June and based at the Rotary Centre in Castleton, as it was in 2013 when the series started.

The Weekend

The programme starts with registration from 7pm on Friday 9th June with a Speleo Bar available until late.

On Saturday there will be opportunities to go caving, visit the British Caving Library at Glutton Bridge or to attend an interesting and informative collection of talks and walks organised by BCRA with a bar and music in the evening.

There is a choice of bunkroom-style accommodation £10 (Saturday night) £15 (Friday and Saturday) or camping on site (£5 per tent). Beer will be £2.50 per pint, there will be no charge for the disco and there is no entrance fee.

For further information, accommodation bookings, or just to let us know you’re coming, please e-mail l.barrett@british-caving.org.uk

Also see the Facebook Page for the event.

Party Music

  • In Bar Area Sat Ev say 20:30 to 23:00 - Cavers Sing-along. Session to be led by Rostam Namaghi (I am getting him a projector to put words onto a screen), number of musicians should be coming along who can play guitar/flute/sing etc to move things along.
  • 23:00 until late (DJ 99 Flake (aka Tommy Moore from SUSS) has agreed to DJ. He is the CHECC resident DJ) and offers a Techno/House Party with music to cater for everyone.

Saturday's Science Activities

(All activities will start @ 10:30 in the Rotary Centre and run into the afternoon)

Workshop on cave biology led by Graham Proudlove

This will be based at the Rotary club. There is no limit on numbers but it would be helpful if you would pre-register [see below].

Surface geomorphology / hydrology walk around the Peak/Speedwell catchment led by Paul Hardwick

This will start from Perryfoot where there is limited parking so participants will need to share cars. The walk will take in several of the swallets in the allogenic catchment of Speedwell Cavern and then visit Eldon Hill Quarry where there will be a lunch stop (bring your own butties). From there the walk passes through the autogenic catchment to view dolines that have been traced to Peak Cavern. Then down the Cave Dale dry valley with an optional trek up to the top of the Titan entrance dig. Finally visit the three Castleton springs: Russet Well, Slop Moll and Peak Cavern Rising. Expected return to the Rotary club about 16:30. There is no limit on numbers but it would be helpful if you would pre-register [see below].

Workshop / practical on water tracing led by John Gunn

The programme is very weather dependent as if the present dry spell continues it will limit the possibilities. However, it is hoped that dye will be injected at two sites which, to date, have not been traced. Participants will view the dye injection and obtain practical experience of using activated charcoal and cotton wool fluocapteurs. It is also intended to deploy field fluorometers and automatic water samplers. THIS WORKSHOP IS LIMITED TO 10 PARTICIPANTS AND PRE-REGISTRATION IS ESSENTIAL [see below].

Registration for Science Activities

It would be very helpful (& essential for the tracing workshop) if those who are intending to take part in an activity would send an email to John Gunn (bcra-chairman@bcra.org.uk). All that is needed is your name and which activity you intend to join.