2018 Annual General Meeting

The 2018 Annual General Meeting of the British Caving Association will be held at:

The Dean Field Studies Centre Parkend Forest of Dean


Sunday 3rd June 2018 at 10:30am

Click here to download the agenda in PDF format.

1. Chair’s Welcome

2. Apologies for Absence

3. Applications for Group Membership

4. Minutes of 2017 Annual General Meeting Link

4.1. Proposal that they be confirmed as a true record

4.2. Matters Arising from the Minutes of the 2017 AGM

Officers’ and Assistant Officer Annual Reports

5. Chair (Andy Eavis)

6. Secretary (Nick Williams)

7. Treasurer (Robin Weare)

8. Conservation and Access Conservation & Access (Andrew Hinde) including CRoW Liaison (Tim Allen) and policy statement on CRoW

9. Equipment & Techniques (Mark Sims) including Rope Testing Officer (Bob Mehew)

10. Training (Nigel Atkins)

11. Publications and Information (Les Williams) including Webmaster (David Cooke), Web Services (David Cooke), Newsletter Editor (David Rose)

12. Legal & Insurance (Vacant) including Insurance Manager (Nick Williams)

Other Annual Reports

13. Membership Adminsitrator (Wendy Williams)

14. Qualifications Management Committee (Phil Baker)

15. Cave Registry Co-Ordinator (David Cooke)

16. Information Technology Working Party (David Cooke)

17. Youth and Development (Rostam Namaghi)

18. International Representative (Andy Eavis) including Federation Spelologique Europeen (FSE) Representative (Ged Campion)

19. British Caving Library (Jenny Potts)

20. Safeguarding Officer (Chris Boardman)

21. Constituent Bodies, Regional Councils etc. (Various) Council of Higher Education Caving Clubs Report

Election of Officers

22.1. Chairman (three year term ends 2021)

  • Les Williams, proposed by Alan Butcher, seconded by Jenny Potts, elected by default

22.2. Secretary (three year term ends 2019) (Nick Williams acting)

  • no nominations received by the deadline (see note 1)

22.3. Treasurer (three year term ends 2020) (Robin Weare acting)

  • no nominations received by the deadline (see note 1)

22.4. Conservation and Access Officer (three year term ends 2019)

  • (no election required - Andrew Hinde in post until end of term)

22.5. Equipment and Techniques Officer (three year term ends 2020)

  • Mark Sims nominated by Council, elected by default (see note 1)

22.6. Legal and Insurance Officer (three year term ends 2020)

  • vacant, no nominations received by the deadline (see note 1)

22.7. Publications and Information Officer (three year term ends 2020)

  • Les Williams resigning, no nominations received by the deadline (see note 1)

22.8. Training Officer (three year term ends 2021)

  • Nigel Atkins nominated by Council, elected by default (see note 1)

22.9. Club Representatives (up to 4 posts)

  • David Cooke and Bernie Woodley - both two year term due to expire in 2019
  • Idris Williams and John Hine - both two year term expires at this AGM.
  • no nominations received by the deadline (see note 1).

22.10. Individual Representatives (up to 4 posts)

  • Mark Richardson and Will Burn - both two year term due to expire in 2019
  • Pete Hall and Matt Wire - both two year term expires at this AGM
  • no nominations received by the deadline (see note 1).

Constitutional Amendments

23. None received by the deadline.

Motions for discussion (see linked papers).

24. Working Group to establish BCA future vision and strategy

25. Appointment of a technical adviser to set up remote access to meetings

26. Electronic voting

27. Rename Training Committee and Training Officer

28. Training Committee terms of reference

29. Establishment of Youth and Development standing committee

30. Disbanding of the Legal and Insurance standing committee

Other business

31. Appointment of Independent Examiner

32. Date of Annual General Meeting for 2019

33. Any other Business notified in advance to the Chairman

1. Where nominations for elected posts have been received by the due date in advance of the meeting and there is only one nominee identified on the Agenda above, that person is deemed to be elected unopposed. Nominations for other posts may be made from the floor at the meeting.

2. Limited numbers of paper copies of all documents will be available at the Annual General Meeting. Attendees are advised to bring their own copies if possible.

Representation and Voting at the BCA AGM 2018

Voting is limited to DIMs, CIMs, CIM Plus, Honorary Members, Clubs and Access Bodies who have paid their subscriptions for 2018 plus Constituent Bodies and Regional Councils.

• Voting for or the election of Officers, Chairmen of Standing Committees and members of National Council is by a show of hands of those present who are eligible to vote.

• Voting on all other motions takes place on each motion twice: firstly all Individual Members present vote, and secondly all Groups (Clubs, Access Controlling Bodies, Regional Councils & Constituent Bodies) vote. A majority is required in both votes for the motion to be passed.

• Constituent Bodies, Regional Councils, Access Controlling Bodies and Clubs may each send one voting delegate to the AGM. Other cavers are welcome to attend as observers but may not take part in a formal vote at the Group stage.

• No one person may act as a delegate for more than one Group member.

• Group delegates must present a letter of authorisation signed by the Secretary, Chairman or Treasurer of the Constituent Body, Regional Council Access Controlling Body or Club. This should be handed to the appointed BCA teller.

• Individual Members who wish to vote must present their membership card.