2019 Annual General Meeting

The 2019 Annual General Meeting of the British Caving Association will be held at:

Horton in Ribblesdale Village Hall Chapel Lane Horton in Ribblesdale BD24 0HA


Sunday 9th June 2019 at 10:30am

Click here to download the agenda and here to download the combined reports and accounts in pdf format

1. Chairman’s Welcome

2. Apologies for Absence

3. Applications for Group Membership

4. Minutes of 2018 Annual General Meeting (available from BCA website)

4.1. Proposal that they be confirmed as a true record

4.2. Matters Arising from the Minutes of the 2018 AGM

Officers’ Annual Reports

5. Chairman (Les Williams) Report

6. Acting Secretary (Robin Weare) Report including: Insurance Manager (Howard Jones) Report Safeguarding Officer (Chris Boardman) Report

7. Acting Treasurer (Howard Jones) Accounts

8. Conservation & Access (Andrew Hinde) Report including: CRoW (David Rose) Report

9. Equipment & Techniques (Mark Sims) Report including: Rope Testing (Bob Mehew) Report

10. Training (Nigel Atkins) Report

11. Youth & Development (Rostam Namaghi) Report

12. Publications & Information (Acting) (Les Williams) Report including: Webmaster (David Cooke) ReportWeb Services (David Cooke) Report & News Editor (David Rose) Report

Other Annual Reports

13. Membership Administrator (Wendy Williams) Report

14. Qualifications Management Committee (Juliet Parker-Smith) Report

15. Cave Registry (David Cooke) Report

16. IT (David Cooke) Report

17. Vision & Constitution (Hellie Adams) Report

18. International (Andy Eavis) Report including: FSE (Ged Campion) Report

19. Media-Liaison (Andy Eavis) Report

20. British Caving Library (Jenny Potts) Report

21. Constituent Bodies, Regional Councils etc. (various) Radon Working Group British Cave Rescue Council


22. Election of Officers and National Council Members

22.1. Honorary President (one year term) Nomination: Mick Day, proposed by BCA Council

22.2. Secretary (three year term ends 2022) Nomination: Matt Ewles, proposed by G. Douthwaite, seconded by H. Jones

22.3. Treasurer (balance of a three year term ends 2020) Nomination: Howard Jones, proposed by R.Weare, seconded by L. Williams

22.4. Publications & Information Officer (balance of a three year term ends 2020) Nomination: Jane Allen, proposed by H. Adams, seconded by N. Atkins

22.5. Conservation & Access Officer (3 year term ends 2022) Nomination: Louise Baddeley, proposed by A. Hinde, seconded by J. Potts

As there is only one nominee for each of the above roles that person is elected.

Candidates were invited to provide a brief election statement of a maximum of 300 words in length (to be used in the event of multiple nominations). As there are multiple nominations for the posts set out below the election statements are included if provided.

22.6. Two Individual Member Representatives (two year term ends 2021) and one Individual Member Representative to fill the vacancy created by Louise Baddeley’s appointment as Conservation & Access Officer (balance of two year term ends 2020)


Tony Brocklebank, proposed by J Walker, seconded by S Morton

Statement: After thirty five years of exploring underground if elected I’d welcome the opportunity to contribute to the future development of caving in the UK.

David Cooke, proposed by C Roe, seconded by A Radmall

No statement received

Philip Rowsell, proposed by H Adams, seconded by P Swire

No statement received

22.7. Two Club Member Representatives ( two year term ends 2021)


Helen Adams, proposed by L Baddeley, seconded by J Potts

Statement: I feel caving is an important sport and I hope to be able facilitate it a good way. I will try and represent members to the best of my ability

David Cooke, proposed by C Roe, seconded by A Radmall

No statement received

Gary Douthwaite, proposed by M Ewles, seconded by A McLeod

Statement: I am a member of three clubs (YUCPC, YCC, NPC) and wish to stand for the position of BCA Club Representative at the 2019 AGM. I do so encouraged by, and supportive of, efforts for BCA modernisation.

Other Matters

23. Council’s Proposals – proposed on behalf of BCA Council by Les Williams and seconded on behalf of BCA Council by Robin Weare

23.1 That the Equality and Diversity Policy set out in appendix 1 be adopted

23.2 That the Safeguarding Policy and Guidelines set out in appendix 2 be adopted

23.3 That the Policy on the correct handling and safekeeping of DBS certificate information set out in appendix 3 be adopted

23.4 That the Policy on the recruitment of ex-offenders to supervise young people set out in appendix 4 be adopted

23.5 That the Bullying and Harassment Policy set out in appendix 5 be adopted

23.6 That the Serious Incident Policy set out in appendix 6 be adopted

24. Proposals for the adoption of Standing Committee terms of reference

24.1 That the Terms of Reference of the Equipment & Techniques Standing Committee be:

to coordinate and administer the anchor program, and additionally to test equipment for caving use, produce and update as necessary guidelines for the use of fixed aids and for the care and maintenance of equipment.

Proposed by Mark Sims, seconded by Stephan Natynczuk

24.2 That the Terms of Reference of the Conservation & Access Standing Committee be:

• To produce guidelines and promotional materials to encourage conservation of underground environments;

• to assist regional councils when requested;

• to campaign nationally to encourage conservation and improved access in line with BCA policy and constitution; and

• to undertake other conservation or access related work as may be agreed by the committee.

Proposed by Andrew Hinde, seconded by John Hine

24.3 That the Terms of Reference of the Training Standing Committee be:

i) The organisation of training, club and regional training events and the administration of training grants. (other than for BCA awards administered by the QMC)

ii) Liaison with other BCA Committees including E&T and C&A on matters affecting training and, where necessary, the dissemination of information relating to training to cavers, clubs and regional councils.

iii) Liaising with regional councils and other bodies to address matters relating to training as they arise.

iv) Promoting training for cavers and clubs by way of good practice on effective training methods, such guidelines to be provided on a non-mandatory basis.

v) Liaising with the QMC on matters of training when required.

vi) Responsible in association with the QMC and BCA National Council in formulating and maintaining an effective training policy.

vii) Representing, within established protocols, matters of training and training process raised by any major incident involving cavers.

Proposed by Nigel Atkins, seconded by Stephan Natynczuk

24.4 That the Terms of Reference of the Publications & Information Standing Committee be:

The prime function of the P&I Standing Committee is to ensure that all publications BCA are accurate and legally, morally and grammatically compliant and that BCA copyright is protected. It will also bring together representatives and individuals with interest and/or expertise to facilitate the following facets of the BCA, as well as considering what areas within these facets the BCA should be developing in the future:

• Website • Social media • Publicity • Promotion and marketing • Publications • Media liaison • News

Proposed by Les Williams, seconded by Jenny Potts

25. Proposals from members which will not involve changes to the constitution if approved

25.1 that the BCA membership approve Jane Allen’s ‘new to caving’ leaflet for production and publication (subject to updating of the logo).

Proposed by Matt Ewles, seconded by Gary Douthwaite

25.2 that the BCA AGM vote on which logo to use for the long-term future, and the new logo (a silhouette caver on Dollytubs ledge), presented separately, is considered as one of the options“.

Proposed by Matt Ewles, seconded by Gary Douthwaite

25.3 That the AGM appoints Gary Douthwaite as the BCA webmaster, with immediate effect, and with a mandate to redevelop the website including, but not limited to BCA online and communications systems, and that Gary is provided with the necessary accesses and mandates as outlined in Appendix 7 to fulfil this role.”

Proposed by Matt Ewles, seconded by Tim Allen

For further information and detail concerning these proposals see appendix 7

26. Proposals from members which will involve changes to the constitution if approved

26.1 that the P&I is abolished as a Standing Committee and replaced with a new position on the Executive; the Publications and Information Officer, with responsibility for autonomously overseeing the outward facing publicity, promotion and information side of BCA function including all current functions of the P&I committee and that 6.1 and 6.14 of the constitution be amended to read

6.1. The Association shall have the following officers: a Council Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Publication and Information Officer, together with Chairmen of the Standing Committees (Section 7), who shall be elected from the membership of the Association at an Annual General Meeting, by a show of hands of those present who are eligible to vote. Here the two-house voting system outlined in sub section 8.9 will not apply. Each officer shall serve for a term of three years from the AGM. One third of Officers' posts in turn shall be eligible for election or re-election each year and those elected shall serve for a term of three years from the AGM.

6.14. The Executive of the Association shall consist of the Council Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Publication and Information Officer, and other Members as may be deemed necessary by the National Council to carry out the administrative business of the Association. The Executive Committee shall operate under the direction of and shall report to the National Council. It shall regulate its own business within the constraints of the Association's “Manual of Operations”.

Proposed by Jane Allen, seconded by Tim Allen

For further information and detail concerning this proposal see appendix 8

26.2 that the constitution be amended as set out and explained in appendix 9

Proposed by Matt Ewles, seconded by Gary Douthwaite

Other Business

27. Appointment of Independent Examiner

28. Date of Annual General Meeting for 2020

29. Any other Business notified in advance to the Chairman


1. Where nominations for elected posts have been received by the due date in advance of the meeting and there is only one nominee identified on the Agenda above, that person is deemed to be elected unopposed. Nominations for other posts may be made from the floor at the meeting.

2. Limited numbers of paper copies of all documents will be available at the Annual General Meeting. Attendees are advised to bring their own copies if possible.

Representation and Voting at the BCA AGM 2019

Voting is limited to DIMs, CIMs, Honorary Members, Clubs and Access Bodies who have paid their subscriptions for 2019 plus Constituent Bodies and Regional Councils.

• Voting for or the election of Officers, Chairmen of Standing Committees and members of National Council is by a show of hands of those present who are eligible to vote.

• Voting on all other motions takes place on each motion twice: firstly all Individual Members present vote, and secondly all Groups (Clubs, Access Controlling Bodies, Regional Councils & Constituent Bodies) vote. A majority is required in both votes for the motion to be passed.

A proposed constitutional amendment shall be taken as succeeding if a 70% majority of votes cast for the motion is obtained in each vote, otherwise the motion shall fail. A constitutional amendment adopted by the meeting will require ratification by a ballot.

• Constituent Bodies, Regional Councils, Access Controlling Bodies and Clubs may each send one voting delegate to the AGM. Other cavers are welcome to attend as observers but may not take part in a formal vote at the Group stage.

• No one person may act as a delegate for more than one Group member.

• Group delegates must present a letter of authorisation signed by the Secretary, Chairman or Treasurer of the Constituent Body, Regional Council, Access Controlling Body or Club. This should be handed to the appointed BCA teller.

• Individual Members who wish to vote must present their membership card.