Membership - Associate Member

Associate membership is a class of group membership by which the individual members of your club/group do not all have to be BCA individual members (CIMs/DIMs). This class of membership enables association to the BCA, but without the complete member benefits package.

Why does the BCA offer associate membership?

The BCA acknowledge that there are organisations who wish to associate with the BCA but for who full group membership is not appropriate. Examples include outdoor activity service providers for who caving may only be one of many facets of that organisation, and thus of relevance to only a very small number of their members/participants. It may not be appropriate for every member of these organisations to become a full BCA individual member, as is required for full group membership.

Associate membership provides as a means for these organisations for who full membership is not appropriate to still participate in the BCA, show commitment to underground exploration in the UK, to receive BCA news, and to support the BCA’s aims and guiding principles.

How much does associate membership cost?

Associate membership has a one-off annual cost of £25

What are the benefits of associate membership?

The BCA will support and work on behalf of associate members wherever possible, in accordance with the aims and guiding principles of the constitution. Associate members may receive BCA news and communications, and may, if they wish, also join the BCRA. Associate members may request the use of an appropriate BCA logo to demonstrate their support.

What does the BCA expect of our associate members?

Associate members are expected to respect and support these aims and guiding principles of the BCA and to refrain from acting against the BCA’s interests.

What are the limitations of associate membership?

Associate membership does not confer for that organisation any full member benefits including member insurance benefits. In addition, associate members should not expect to receive the same prioritisation of resources and funding as full members, and nor do they have any representation on BCA Council in the way full group members do. Associate members may not qualify for access to most access-facilitated UK caves in the way that full group members do, depending on the specific wording of individual access agreements (which are outside of BCA’s control).

I belong to a BCA associate member but want full membership benefits

Individuals within associate member organisations may still take out full individual membership (CIM membership via a full member club, or DIM membership) if they wish to receive the benefits of full BCA individual membership (including a vote).

Subscription Rates 2020

2019 Associate Rates BCA Fee BCRA Fee (optional)
Subscription £25 Add the fee from the BCRA Membership table

All BCA membership periods start on 1st January or later and run for the remainder of the year. Note that there is no discount for organisations which join part way through the year. They will, however, receive all publications issued to members during the year in which they join.

Join or Renew

To join or renew complete and return the Associate Member Application/Renewal Form