Membership - Caving Club

Caving and Mining clubs are encouraged to join the BCA as a Group Member.

To become a Group Member, all members of that group must themselves be individual BCA members (either CIMs or DIMs or a mixture of the two). Consequently, many groups choose to process BCA CIM membership on their members’ behalf.

Club membership carries the membership benefit of public liability insurance for that organisation. The BCA will work on behalf of all our member clubs and represent their needs nationally wherever possible. Member clubs will receive BCA communications as well as representation on BCA National Council. It is also worth noting that access to some speleological sites across the UK may be restricted to individuals who belong to BCA member clubs (this is not a restriction imposed or endorsed by the BCA).

A list of existing BCA member clubs can be found here.

The cost of Group Membership for clubs depends on the number of members the club has.

A supplementary fee must be paid if the club is an access controlling body (i.e. they control access to any caves or mines), if they are an accommodation provider (e.g. a club with a hut) or if the club wishes to join the British Cave Research Association (BCRA).

Subscription Rates 2020

Club membership rates vary depending on the size of the club and the benefits it chooses to receive, as shown below:

No. of Members BCA Fee Access Bodies and/or Accom. Providers BCRA Fee (optional)
up to 10 £25 Add £60 Add the fee from the BCRA Membership table
11-20 £35
21-30 £50
31-40 £60
41+ £70

Join or Renew

A new member club will need to show that it is a bona fide club by meeting certain requirements before being accepted as a member.

The Membership Administrator is available to advise anyone who would like to set up a new caving club.

Please complete and return the Membership Application/Renewal Form Clubs