Membership - Club Criteria

Group Membership is available to bonafide caving clubs.

A club wishing to apply for club membership of the British Caving Association should be aware that the guidelines used by BCA to determine suitability for club membership are:

  • The club has a major aim or objective that is in support of the sport of caving, mine exploration, cave science, cave & mine conservation or caver training.
  • The club consists primarily of individual members (BCA would normally expect there to be at least 4 members).
  • The club annually elects at least two officers.
  • The club is controlled by its members.

To demonstrate these points the club should submit a copy of its constitution which will, typically, include:

  1. A statement of the aims of the club.
  2. Provision for holding general meetings together with mention of a quorum and of voting fractions required to pass motions and amend the constitution.
  3. A system for election of at least two officers.

Clubs applying for membership of BCA should provide a statement of approx. 100 words outlining the background to the club and why they wish to be members of BCA.