National Cave Registry

The Registry is an organisation that aims to promote and support the systematic collection, recording and publication of information about the subterranean world.

The primary objective of The Registry is to maintain a comprehensive list of all sites within the British Isles of interest to cave and mine explorers.It is designed to act as an index or link into the other sources of information. Limited information about each site is held centrally; more comprehensive information is maintained by regional and other organisations. As such, The Registry is a good starting point to research a particular site or area.

The current incarnation of The Registry is new and rapidly evolving. Interested individuals and organisations are actively encouraged to get involved, to help shape and develop it.

The Registry is a sub-committee of The British Caving Association. It reports to the Publications and Information Special Committee.

The official invariant address of this site is It is the one that should be used for links despite what you might see at the top of the screen.