Local Cave & Mine Leader and Cave Instructor Certificate Leadership Awards

The BCAs Qualification Management Committee (QMC) manage a range of Nationally recognised leadership awards appropriate for those wishing to evidence their competence to lead groups underground.

  • Local Cave Leader
    • Award appropriate for those wishing to lead groups in caves
  • Local Mine Leader
    • For those wanting to lead groups in mines
  • Vertical Leader
    • A supplemental award for those wishing to lead groups in vertical systems (simple pitches up to 18m)
    • Includes optional additional awards: SRT for Leader & Tyrolean for Groups
  • Cave Instructor Certificate
    • Award for those wishing to lead others in more complex systems


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LCMLA Overview

Below are some illustrations that outline the format of the award scheme. Click on any of the images for a better view.

LCMLA Course Descriptions

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Following a training or assessment course candidates are encouraged to complete a feedback form. T/As will normally provide these at the end of a course however if you'd rather download a form and send it direct to our training administrator you can do so by clicking here. Alternatively there's an online form here

LCMLA Trainer/Assessors

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Resources for Candidates

Cave Instructor Certificate Scheme (CIC)

Course Descriptions

Scoring Criteria

Training Resources

Qualification Management Committee

Military caving award holders who wish to gain the BCA civilian LCMLA and CIC awards can gain exemption from training by:

  1. Registering with the BCA LCMLA and/or CIC scheme through the Qualification Management System
  2. Under “Credentials” within your profile click “add credentials”
  3. Select the appropriate credential for your course:
    1. Cave Leader Training for CVF
    2. Vertical Cave and/or Mine Leader Training for CVT
    3. Cave Instructor Certificate Training for CVI
  4. Follow the instructions entering the name of the T/A who delivered your course & date
  5. Upload a copy of your certificate to support your application

Once submitted your application will be reviewed within 30 days and, if successful, the training credential added to your profile so you may being the assessment process.

These training & assessment grants are available for voluntary youth sector caving leaders.

Voluntary Youth Sector Leader Grant Information Letter

Voluntary Youth Sector Leader Grant Application Form